Pay your bills with Bitcoin in the Philippines

Hello! I'm Bitoy the Bills Ninja.

Other ninjas are good at swordfighting, hiding in plain sight, or overthrowing political regimes. I'm good at paying bills! Just fill out the form below, send me bitcoins, and I'll handle the rest. Your bill will be paid in 24 hours or less, I swear it!

I Live to Serve!
Hello! I'm Bitoy the Bills Ninja.
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Your Bill is My Command

On my honor, I will not rest until this bill is paid! (Also, I require a PhP30.00 reward per bill.)

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This provider uses a different reference number for each new monthly billing statement. Please check your bill carefully for the correct number to use.

This provider ONLY accepts the exact amount listed in your billing statement. Your payment may be rejected if it doesn't not match the expected amount exactly.

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Bitoy is asleepIt's currently 04:19PM on Tuesday, 28 July in the Philippines. Your bill will be processed on 29 July at 08AM.

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Elephants never forget, and neither do ninjas. I can keep track of all your previous bills so you don't have to enter the same information twice. You could almost say that I have the memory of a computer.

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